Varifocal lenses include distinct portions for viewing close up, far away, and everything in between, allowing you to see at any distance. You may wear one pair of varifocals to fit all of your visual needs, whether you're driving, using a computer, shopping, or reading.

They're usually reserved for folks over the age of 40 who require more assistance focusing on nearby items. This is related to presbyopia, a natural feature of ageing in which the lens of the eye becomes less able to concentrate on close objects.

Varifocal lenses work by varying the power of the lens from top to bottom. You can get clear vision at all distances by moving your eyes up and down the lens. This implies that if you're using a cash machine, you'll be able to see the keys, the screen, and your card while walking down the street.

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How do varifocals work?

Varifocal lenses work by changing power from the top to the bottom of the lens. Moving your eyes up and down the lens will give you clear vision at all the distances you need. This means if you are using a cash machine you would be able to view the keys, screen, your card and then continue to walk down the street.

Any distance vision you need can be seen by moving your eyes between these points on the lens. At Sun Street, we use Digital Precision Eyecare to find your unique measurements. This allows our experts to see exactly where to position the lens zones you require for your different vision types, as well as finding the right type of varifocals for your chosen frame.

Distance vision

Distance vision is through the upper part of the lens. There is a small amount of soft focus at the edge of your vision

Intermediate vision

Intermediate vision is through the middle of lens and is perfect for tasks like using a computer. There is some soft focus at the edges of your vision in this part of the lens

Near vision

Near vision is through the lower part of the lens. There is some soft focus at the edges of your vision in this part of your lens.

Types of varifocal lenses

‘How much do varifocals cost?’ is one of the most often requested questions. ‘What are the best varifocals?’ follows.

Both of these questions have different answers depending on your budget and what you’re looking for.

There are several different varifocal lenses on the market, each with its own set of benefits based on your lifestyle and prescription.

Standard, Premium, Elite, Tailor-made, SuperDrive, and SuperDigital are the six varieties of varifocal lenses available at Sun Street. Your optometrist will go over all of your options with you to see which one is best for you.

Varifocal lenses of the highest quality
These lenses fit a wider range of frames than normal lenses and have a wider field of clear vision at a distance and in the middle. They’re also less difficult to get used to.

By shifting your eyes between these spots on the lens, you may see any distance vision you require. We use Digital Precision Eyecare at Sun Street to find your unique measurements. This allows our professionals to see exactly where the lens zones you need for your different vision types should be placed, as well as determine the best sort of varifocals for your frame of choice.

Standard varifocal lenses

Easy to adapt to, they have clear vision at distance, intermediate and close-up, but there is some soft focus at the edge of your vision.

Premium varifocal lenses

These fit a larger range of frames than standard lenses, and feature a wider field of clear vision at distance and intermediate than standard lenses. They’re also easier to adapt to.

Elite varifocal lenses

These feature a wide field of clear vision at distance, intermediate and near, with minimal soft focus. They are very easy to adapt to.

Tailor-made varifocal lenses

Our highest quality varifocal lens. We’ve used the latest technology to give excellent clarity and our widest field of clear vision at distance, intermediate and near. They are the easiest to adapt to

SuperDrive varifocal lenses

Our new lenses specifically designed for driving with wider distance and midrange zones as well as an UltraClear SuperClean Smart treatment

SuperDigital varifocal lenses

Designed to cater to the closer, higher position that we hold our phones. Also includes an UltraClear SuperClean lens treatment.

Near and Far varifocals

Do you have hobbies or interests that require great vision at a specific distance? Our Near and Far varifocals can be designed specifically for you. Ask our lens experts in-store for more information


It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to adjust to varifocals. If you’re attempting varifocals for the first time, give your brain some time to acclimatise to the new viewing zones, which may take a little longer.

We understand that it may seem unusual at first, but the best method to acclimate is to continue wearing your glasses until your eyes adjust.

Most people acclimate fast thanks to the thorough measurements we take, however, some people may experience some dizziness at first when moving quickly from one viewing location to the next. Don’t worry, these feelings will pass quickly, and we’re always here to reassure you if you need it.

50% Off an additional set of lenses and spectacles

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50% Off an additional set of lenses and spectacles

If you choose a pair of glasses from the £69-£169 ranges and varifocal lenses from £49, you can get a second pair, with the same varifocal lenses, free

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All our varifocal lenses are good, but it will depend on your prescription and lifestyle as to which one suits you best

Yes, you can get varifocal contact lenses (also known as multifocal contact lenses)

Depending on what type of varifocal you select and your prescription, the edges of your vision might be blurry.

A good tip is to turn your head towards what you would like to look at rather than looking out of the edges of the lens.

Contact the store if you have any questions. Our store experts are happy to discuss how the lenses work and make any necessary adjustments for you

Yes, you can use your NHS optical voucher towards the cost of any of our varifocal lenses.